Transforming spaces into places

At What’s On Projects, we like to keep shopfitting simple and fun for our clients, but don’t let our down to earth natures fool you!

We are an amazing team of professionals with so many years of combined shopfitting experience it’s too embarrassing to say out loud, and some very cool alter-egos who are obsessed with transforming spaces into places all around Australia. 

A young, vibrant company, our team demonstrates a strong commitment to hard work, quality and creating an unforgettable customer experience. 


What spaces in which places?

We don’t like to put limitations on anything we do and being able to service our exceptional clients is one area we never restrict! What’s On Projects are able to utilise the services of our industry partners and skilled tradespeople Australia wide to deliver your shopfitting project no matter the size or complexity.

Each of our team members eat, sleep and breath different sectors of our industry. Some are Food and Beverage through and through and love biting into a restaurant build whilst others are fashionistas in the making, ready to try on the next retail fashion outlet. Our lovers of health diagnose and treat our Healthcare projects with the precision of a surgeons scalpel and others are consumed by the 9 to 5 grind of the Workplace.  

How do we create an unforgettable customer experience?

The team at What’s On Projects want the success of your place to begin with the transformation of your space. We don’t think you should have to wait until you open your doors to trade.

We try to work with each and every client and designer from as early in the process as possible.

Don’t think you have to be ready to build before giving us a call!

Getting us involved early will save you time, money and a lot of headaches.  

Now wait a sec, these guys are talking to us, not at us?

Yes! Part of us offering an exceptional and unforgettable customer experience means that we will and do talk to you, even through our website. We could fill our web pages with all the sales speak in the world to get your attention, but that’s just not us. We would rather focus more energy on you and transforming your space into your place!  

Want to get in touch? Of course you do! We sound amazing!!

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