The Design Process

Admittedly, this was a relatively easy process for us. We had a designer we knew and trusted and had worked with several times before. We made sure we sat down and discussed our ideas and listened to their suggestions early on. We also discussed our build budget. I can hear you asking, why? The designer doesn’t do the build? No, they don’t, but they do send your plans with specifications of fittings and furnishings to your shopfitter and this is what is used to scope and tender your project. This means, if they designer has no indication as to how cost effective you want your build to be, they may very well design the Taj Mahal when your budget only allows for the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

During this process, we had the benefit of understanding the design process and the knowledge of what can and can’t be achieved in terms of construction of all the components that integrate to make up an overall office fitout a reality. This has most definitely made the process simpler than it generally could be for our clients. So, without making a huge sales pitch, get your shopfitter involved early! If you can get them in during the design stage they are going to make your life and the entire process of your fitout from concept to completion so much easier.

Now in saying all the above, do you think we ended up with the exact design we started out with? No, but we are pretty close. I think the major factor in this is because our company brand, the way we see ourselves and how we portray ourselves to the world has been developed to include more of our own personal tastes. As a small business the development of everything from our logo to our uniform and now our office fitout is based on what us as people and not necessary us as a company like. This is something that has worked for us but does not and will not necessarily work for our customers, especially if you are a franchisee and are bound by a specific branding already set out.