Ugg Melbourne Airport

There is not much that isn’t custom made in this kiosk, the merchandise maybe? Featuring glass-fronted joinery units built using a combination of Strass Bavarian Oak, Tobias Steel and Porcelain panel, the over-all affect is nothing shy of impressive. The porcelain panel is carried through to the counter tops to give it a seamless look.

A solid timber merchandising display cube, positioned in the main display cabinet, is a unique and fundamental tool in promoting some of Ugg’s more upscale products on offer.

LED lighting has been integrated into all the joinery to not only highlight the merchandise but to appeal to customers on a more visual level. The exclusive pendant lamps are key feature pieces and are in-line with current lighting design trends and the exclusive Baresque Nappa Chablis vinyl cushions are not only comfortable but decorative.

Ceramic tile flooring is not only functional but the Element Light colour seamlessly integrates with the warm and subtle colour tones of the kiosk.

Located in the international terminal at Melbourne International Airport, Ugg’s appeal is to both the domestic and international retail market.