Tea Cup Cottage

From the various styles of pendant lights, including custom-made tea cup pendants, to the in-built televisions featuring the latest in interactive technology, Tea Cup Cottage’s multitude of features create not only a warm, inviting and aesthetically pleasing space, but a functionally practical retail store.

An amazing attribute to this fit-out is the bubble wall, a fish tank like structure with water inside which is air-rated to create bubbles. Added to this is the projection of water onto the walls, bubble pendant lights and bubbles throughout the signage, along with a few strategically placed cushions, all combining together to give the illusion of being underwater. A spectacular feature!

The brightly coloured walls and carpet seamlessly integrate with the timber walls, vinyl plank flooring and rope covered posts, keeping with the nautical feel.

Tea Cup Cottage is a niche disability service provider for the Southeast Queensland region. Their new space is a credit to the design team at ReNew Design.