Sumo Salad Green on Green

Sumo Salad’s opening of Sumo Green On Green located in Terminal 1 of Sydney International Airport is definitely turning heads.

The detail in the super-structure (hero wall) which has been clad in Dynabond, with folds of varying widths, perforated, had Jet Diffusers installed and decorated with artificial ivory as well as halo LED acrylic signage sure does capture your attention.

LCD Menu boards and American Oak Branding boards seamlessly integrate with an artificial Moss backbround, White Pennyround Mosiac wall tiles that have been finished with green grout and powder-coated stainless steel gantries custom made for visual merchandising.

The counters feature concrete benchtops and concrete clad counter fronts with stainless steel and stencil inlays. Concrete was cast around rubber moulds to produce the visually stimulating imprint of the Sumo Salad brand stamp and manifesto.