Out of Australia

From front to back, this store screams Australiana. Warm colour tones create an inviting and enticing atmosphere for consumers whilst Frametek lightboxes combine printed canvas backlit by LED’s to create visually stimulating images and advertisements. Porcelain tiles made to look like the dessert floor gives the illusion you are walking in the middle of the Australian Outback and accentuate the custom made floor gondalas appropriated for merchandising.

Feature bulkheads were used as a very clever way to conceal the substantial duct work for the air-conditioning, slat wall and slotted posts, typical of a retail store, are fitted throughout and a custom-made timber-top, steel framed merchandise table has been perfectly positioned with raw steel metal cubes for visual merchandising.

The key features in this fitout, however, are they shopfront portal, constructed on the factory floor, brought to site, glazed and surrounded by a metal look laminate; the exclusively sourced Hardwood logs used as visually merchandising stands; Anchor Rope pendant lights – clearly unique in their own right but their truly distinguishing characteristic is the multitude of knot configurations possible; and the specially research and procured Sisal Marine rope, strung through marine eye bolts to create a striking feature off the bulkhead.